You Know!

When you just sit down and think

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, without reacting, just thinking about life in general. From the eyes of a person sitting across you, you are staring into the void. You are looking dead straight, but in reality you are not. You are in deep contemplation with something that has been bothering you. But in reality, you are not. You look indifferent and nonchalant. But in reality, you are not.


All you are is someone who can tell the difference between real and fake.


You feel the heat. You feel the everyday responsibilities.


You know some people look good and some people don’t. You know which category you fall in.


You know there is a category between lower class and middle class and a hundred sub-categories within them.

You know which class you fall in.


You know love and hate are the two sides of the same coin. You know people get the love they deserve. It’s just a matter of time. As for hate, it is the remainder of a successful ending. You never know about it. It just lurks in the darkness of your past deeds.


You know jealousy and enviousness share the same page. But you know that the silver lining is too sketchy to be realized. You know people just need a priority list to switch from one to the other side of the page.


You know fickleness is a trait which borders with diplomacy. You know which one suits you the best and you follow it. Both have the same track record of being rendered useless after some time.


You know everyone wears a mask when required. You know you are wearing one right now. It’s a matter of principle. You follow the code. Whether it is right or wrong, you walk away with its consequences.


You know success comes with a hundred footnotes. You can’t read all of them, so one has to improvise.


You know marriage is an impending disaster. So, instead of averting it, try to work towards avoiding it for as long as you can.

And then you know.






Fuck it! It’s better to know nothing. It’s better to live life as thought right.


It’s better to not look good and be best at what you do. Yeah! Work towards looking good. Don’t get all fucked up and cocky that you curl yourself up in the cocoon of never-ending sadness. If you got dumped, not necessarily by your lover, look for the alternative. Don’t quit. There’s always something or someone to cheer you up. After all, you need to yearn for something at all times. That’s what keeps you busy and you live.


Hell with it if you are in one of those 100’s of categories. You have your self-respect and dignity. No one can fuck you up for not having something you can’t have. There will be situations when you feel being the lesser one among others. The best solution is-by experience-either staging a dramatic walkout (giving a lame excuse or shit) or facing the fuckers directly slide the comment with a little salivary action-FUCK YOU! (The finger will also do!)


It’s better to love with everything you have got to give. And if not reciprocated, then it’s better to shit the love one good Sunday morning and look for another crush on Monday. A day will come when you realize that ‘Arranged Marriage’ was a term very strategically devised for a lot of ‘Indian’ reasons.


It’s better to get jealous. Envy is a sugarcoated term for jealousy. Just try to overcome it by being the better person.


It’s definitely better to be diplomatic. But it won’t take you long to realize that you are being talked about as the one with fickle-minded personality. It is helping yet unconvincing.


It’s always good to be wearing something than nothing. Having a mask on makes you happy. It makes life and every moment possible.


It’s better to enjoy the success moments you come across with time. It imparts color to life. Just don’t fuck it up by keeping a record of it. It gives a sad account of your worries.


And marriage, people I am too young for that. I just picked up those lines from watching a lot of movies (English ones off course). So am keeping a distant tab on that. Hope to come across one in early thirties only.


Just keep your nose clean of all the bullshit and you’ll do fine in life.


Every day is an opportunity that we can exploit at our best.


Live for your love


Love your love


Leave the love when left alone.



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