WOMEN for all the good reasons are a MYSTERY

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I don’t actually remember when it started first or what the occasion was. But I do remember that it was instantaneous and almost a lost memory if you are not me. It was like you realised it for a second, pondered over it for a millisecond and took another thought process in a microsecond. It was when I was in eighth grade.

She had just entered the class to make an announcement about some shitty morning ‘prayer’ in the ground. We all were tired of standing in the sun in the mornings and sing the prayer without the National Anthem. So all students started abusing the teachers (among themselves) and I was among them. I looked around and I saw our class teacher. Her eyes pierced through the air and bore into the announcers’ getup. It looked like she was checking her out. With her eyeballs tracing the curve of her body, she finally rested her eyes on her face and scowled. And I admit it.

She was checking her out!

The announcer had worn a silvery top with golden embroidery. Her brilliant features accentuated her gait. When she left, the class teacher rolled up the sleeves of her kurta and started making her hair.

It is something very distinctive about women. They will keep eyeballing the one who looks better than them. It’s like a trait which eventually gives them the tag of ‘hypocrites’. Not that men are any different, but they don’t go bitching about each other behind their backs, esp. about their looks. You won’t find a guy saying-

‘Do you know Rahul has a bunch of FCUK underwear he keeps hidden in his cupboard?’J

But how many times do girls bitch about their wardrobe-

‘I need to get a new pair of heels, the last one broke while I was busy waltzing.’

‘Looks like someone is gonna need a pedicure’

And what not. It just doesn’t end. They have a brain which actually responds at irregular intervals. You don’t want to be the one who pops their ticker at the wrong interval. They can show a whole lot of emotions which will scare you to death. And to be honest, we men do fall for those emotions. Those little things which make us go gaga. Be it her lovely smile, a dimple on her chin, a strand of hair across her forehead or any of the thousand reasons you love to be with them. They play the role of a conjurer whose audience is the whole world. They hold the straws. We just pick the one we think suits us the best. They have the capability to make us forget and regret at the same time. It’s just that we are left clueless while everything is already sorted out in their brains. And they hold ultimate pride in their secrets. Whether or not they share it with you is a privilege you have to earn. For them, their every thought is precious. Nothing is gibberish for them (It is utterly bull-shitty by the way). You just need the patience to hear them out once. Then it’s easy. Let them in emotionally, mentally and well if you are that smooth, physically 🙂

For a man, his woman is a mystery he has already solved and is happy with the results.

For bachelors like us, every girl we fall for is a mystery at hands. Many try to unravel it their own ways. And those who do are the lucky ones. So don’t get sad if one mystery dumps your sorry ass, look for another one and try to solve her. Heck, if she turns out to be a hard case, go again for the first case with a different approach. Something or the other will work out. It always works out.

So LIVE-LEARN-LOVE and keep reading my blog. It will churn you up one way or the other. 🙂  

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