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I had a friend once who told me that the best things in life are the ones which you struggle for. I never doubted it. What he never told me was that in the midst of this struggle, one often loses himself. Being so engaged in the tribulations of everyday life, he doesn’t appreciate beauty in its most original form. It is fed to him, in bits and pieces, always a little less than the last time. And before he realizes, the imagery of ‘beauty’ is long gone. All he gets is a crafty compromise in the form of higher pay and better living standards with his crippled conscience just a stone’s throw away from eternal life of competitive misery. If you think I am exaggerating things, ask yourself this; when was the last time you did something nice out of absolute empathy?

Living in a world full of hypocrites, cynicism is always lurking in our hindsight. We tend to jot down the cons before we even consider the pros. When our insecurities get clouded by the fear of judgement, we tend to lose perspective of what’s right and wrong. We need a distraction to stay a little ahead of life in its game of turning us into drones. How do we free ourselves of these shackles? How do we nurture the sapling of beauty that resides within us?

Tell someone that they are beautiful. Let them see the ‘unhinged you’ for few moments. You never know what you might get in return.

Leave a tip larger than the size of bill. Well, who am I kidding, leave a fifty rupees note and thank him for his services. If you think you wasted your money, read the P.S of this article.

Say thank you more often! We, in India, usually end things with a different note and tone.

And to top all of them off, well, take your parents to dinner!

It’s what do you do with yourself right now that matters. Not yesterday! Not tomorrow! Right now! After all, best things are the one which make you feel good.

P.S- Don’t even try to dismantle the idea of beauty if you are too ambitious for your own good. One needs this to connect to the humanity veiled under his persona.

Kartik Dulloo

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