Three Epiphanies!

I just saw Boyhood. To be very true, I don’t even know the cast. It was like one of the movies which have no element of heroism or villainy. All it has is a boy’s perspective and his immediate surroundings revolving around it. The lifestyle! What you want and what you do? Is it ever the same? What does it all mean if your thing doesn’t actualize? What if it does? Will the world remain same? There will be endless threads, linking up, making your bond with life seem more fragile and daunting. And heck yeah! There will be answers.

Not in the everyday textbooks or College Journals.

Not scribbled across on a piece of paper or etched upon some ancient stone.

Definitely not amongst the words of wisdom your elders impart.

They will be within you. One day you will be sitting like me on a Sunday afternoon, half naked, propped up on the bed with laptop on your lap while your mind whirls the knowledge you’ve acquired through the years. And that will be your moment of the ultimate epiphany!

That’s when you realize your perspective is strategically fenced by your parents, your teachers and your peers. And you are the fuse. Whenever anyone trespasses, an involuntary alarm sets off among your elders’ conscience. They make sure that nothing surpasses which can blow you up. The security is top notch and you play safe almost every moment of your life. And this realization initiates a convulsion in your body. It is when the truth hits you in your face.

The decision making is done by my parents. I am just the inked signature at the bottom.

You are writing everything down. You realize the feeling. It’s new. And bam! Another epiphany!

You need to learn. Sitting down on your laptop watching ‘House MD’ won’t do any good. You need to face the world as it presents itself. A bloody start from the scratch, I say. To let go of all your inhibitions at once! You know that if man created boundaries, he can get rid of them as well.

To look for what you want to do.

To get it!

To have your own perspective on it and collaborate! To meet like-minded people and share! To ease off your burdens at once! To have the opportunity to realize that YES! Money matters! Earn it! But do it your way! Make it possible! Work towards it! Improvise!

And then the inevitable happens,

You have the third epiphany!

It just asks one question:-


It is fleeting. But in those moments, you are limitless. You have a clear mind, an uninfluenced soul and ultimate potential. The last question that remains is:-

Do you intend to live these moments forever or not?’


Kartik Dulloo

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