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There are more than a thousand reasons for why a student might want to destroy everything in his/her room. He may not like the color of his curtains or he may be feeling guilty for not allowing his girlfriend to wipe off the yoghurt off his chin. When paranoia strikes, it can either be completely foolish or immaturely dangerous. The reasons can be so petty that you may feel like you are watching an over exaggerated show of ‘America’s Funniest Videos’. It merely is a short phase when you try to be as ridiculous and irrational as you can. It is characterized by an abrupt mood-swing midst general ongoing. The only way to recover from this aberration is to socialize. The moment you feel you are going to do something stupid that might jeopardize your relationship with others and might leave you in an awkward situation get yourself immediate company. Get involved in a house chore or go out and help your mother bringing vegetables from the roadside-vendor. Call your friend and make it a point that you put the phone down until his/hers or yours balance exhausts. It is one way to curb the volley of questions bursting in your stomach while you are ‘paranoid’. It can soothe and calm your worked-up mind and let you contemplate on your predicament more effectively. Some people resort to dangerous activities . . . rash driving and drinking . . . oooh! . . . Dangerous it can be Sir! . . .

Well, I reiterate the already stated fact that it is quite a drive all the way up to where you get what you really want. And when you get it, you can say to everyone around you, you can scream that-

‘I have done it’

The real weight of these words sinks in the day you achieve your aim. It is a moment when no one shares the stage with you (too bad if you are married at that time). It is pure ecstasy you dive in when the pool of achievements flood your way. But the mountain you have to climb to take this dive is too devious and challenging to let you go easily. I am making an understatement if I say that ‘The Climb’ is an uphill task. It is not only hard-work and determination that make the ridges easy to traverse, equanimity and astuteness plays a major role during blind cuts and zigzag turns, the latter one a rare quality. There are moments in there when you may feel down or stressed under the burden of the constant nagging and persuasion from parents to conceive their profession and jump in it. You may get restless and manage an argument for no reason other than to get the T.V remote in your hands. That is when you get ‘paranoid’. I write the above paragraph just to acquaint you with the Do’s and don’ts if and ever you have to face that situation. I write because I think it is a time when we have to make the right decisions, the right choices and the requisite work to get land in a decent university. Well some have made the decisions and some are still in the limbo. No comments, I myself am. So I just let the chips fall and move with the flow.

We recently had been to the 3-D show of MIB-3. Knowing that it might be better than Avengers, we decided to book a ticket at Odeon theatre and get ourselves a break from the study heat. Though we had decided to watch it in 2-D, we had to deliberately put on the 3-D glasses; courtesy-foolishness of Karan who bought the 3-D tickets without glasses. We entered the theatre and found our seats. But we sat in the next row. The movie began at time and we slumped back in our seats, fully relaxed for the show to begin. The titles had just surfaced when I glanced back and noticed everyone wearing 3-D glasses. I concentrated back on movie and found the same anomaly. The pixels were blurring enough to confirm my doubt. I double-checked the tickets. No! Nowhere mentioned whether a 2-D or 3-D movie. Until then my fellow friends had also realized the same but were too busy watching Nicole Scherzinger share her so-baked cake for her fellow alien inmate. The scene progressed and for some reason I also forgot the glasses and my eyes glued to the ‘scene’ on the screen. It ended soon enough to let me and harit make our way back to the ticket-counter and ask for the glasses we had paid for and left without them. It was after 10 minutes that I resumed my seat with the glasses on. And yeah! That movie was worth the money for its’ 3-D effects. The interval was abrupt and quick and we knew that the movie was not more than 3 quarters and an hour thing. It ended quickly as guessed and we all made our way to the all-student-uncle-aunty favorite McDonalds for a light snack. Instead we found KFC on the way and couldn’t hold our horses. Zinger is a delight post movie and it made us drowsy. We had just entered the Rajiv Chowk metro station when Shivam spotted an automated ticket machine and started fumbling with controls. It wasn’t 5 minutes that we discovered that it was broken and had little chances of getting repaired until next Commonwealth. So he dialed up the Metro helpline number and lodged a complaint against the malfunctioning of the questionable machine. He talked for nearly 10 minutes during which we were busy ogling girls. It is not tough to find good-looking traditional and modern girls there. It is like the premiere station for ‘that thing’. He finished talking and we finally boarded our respective trains. As I was the only one with the different route, I had forced Shivam into one of the bookstores in the station and buy a book by Stephanie Meyer.




Yeah! I had read the twilight saga and wanted to taste her latest horror-cum-romantic novel called-The Host. I read the back page while I was on my way back and soon discovered it is going to be better than her last one. Breaking Dawn made me drowsy to my limits.

Haven’t begun that novel yet but soon will. . .

Lat paper on head. . .

Have a good luck!



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