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Hey you people out there,

This blog is a post-reflection of my failed attempt at blogging every day and attempts to add a few snippets of insight to routiners.

Not only am I deeply disappointed in my ability to keep up to the resolve of writing every day, I am sort of disturbed by the knowledge of being under Routine’s influence to an extent that even now, as I write these words, I can feel it tugging at my sleeves from behind asking –

‘Aren’t you getting late for work?’

Since it has already been a month, I am trying to figure out the possible reasons (apart from a routine) for a literal disconnect so abject. Two things jump right back at me –

  1. Three-fourths my day revolves around finding new ways to get Orgzit into the league of SaaS champions out there. This involves marketing practices ranging from creating videos to writing value adding content.
  2. The remaining fourth goes in travelling and sleeping (among other things).

To get back on point, my literal disconnect stems more from my insecurities to pursue a career in writing than writing itself. It’s not like I am not writing. I have been growth hacking since the past 3 months 8 hours a day. It’s just the vertical I am writing about has changed and become more focused and sharp. So that makes me a bit nervous and confident at the same time.

I have got an arched back, painful neck, and tummy that really doesn’t go right with a goateed-lanky posture. But the food delights have been sumptuous. Subway and McDonald staff on my way to work are soon going to put up a new reward category – ‘Routiner of the month’ and I don’t need to tell you who the winner is going to be. After all, who doesn’t like a 6 foot veggie filed replacement for a gobi parantha in the mornings and a Mc-Maharaja (with Iced Tea) after a tiring metro ride back home.

So my thoughts on a routine are more dubious than ever. But yes, I need to tell you guys about the survey that I had conducted about more than a month ago.

Routine 101 Insights

I got a total of 66 results from the 250 people I broadcast the survey to on Whatsapp.

I am assuming rest were too busy following a routine J

Here are a few insights (which might seem royally commonplace but comprise a few actionable points) –

Though the very first question was quite basic, I expected people to come up with very similar answers. And they did!

I was pleased with myself. It made me think that I relate to a myriad of people out there doing the same thing. But then I scrolled down –

I couldn’t agree more with this guy.


Let me tell you something. You know when we say that the biological clock of flight attendants is all messed up because of the different time zones they keep flying in?

Yeah! Routiners have it no different. I think my drinking habits have changed a lot too. I have started drinking a lot of WATER during nights just after I take a dump. I never understood why my mom is always bent on doing the opposite of this routine in the mornings.

I will go ahead and scroll further –


Yes, the Shit routine is massively universal. I was relieved. I didn’t need to feel more bad about myself shitting at irregular times. Hell, there are people who defined their routine as ‘erratic’ (with whatever amount if importance they gave to this form). I just got my shit erratic. I can live with that.

But the mug up thing hit me hard. That is something really troublesome. So I suppose I can give a few pointers here:

Sometimes you need to stop thinking about what you are mugging up and start thinking about why you are mugging up.

I will go further down –

Know why I highlighted that point? Because there is a number of people who are running around as atheists and wannabe agnostics, but very few who can include chanting in their routine. Now kill me if the person means chanting Bob Marley after a dope session.

Till now, I hadn’t found anything that made me go Wow till I scrolled down further –

Now that’s what I was looking for. Out of the box thinking! I wonder whose lives is this guy/girl saving and how. If you happened to read this, ping me on WhatsApp. I need some lifesaving lessons.

But check out the other answers!

I think it’s safe to say I needed a few additions in my routine. The end of the list was a drag of most epic proportions

But I will suffice to say I got a got a fairly good insight of how these 66 people perceive the definition of routine.

The second question was made in a hurry. No real insights.


I got routine calling me back! See you after another round of questions!


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