Just ranted  the same knowledge to lemonade wala..my nostrils went flared when the extra ‘tadka’ of the masala kicked in. Still it is kind of amusing when you sneeze in open public.   Your head goes berserk in the rush of letting out the gooey ‘nose spread’ (lol).

Leaving that, the past two days’ weather has been terrific and soothing. Terrific for the reason that no  more than a fortnight left for the boards to begin, i am still blogging.  And for the soothing part, let’s say that-

‘Weather is good and i am a teen’ 🙂

Continuing, i must say that Boards pose a inadvertent threat to our parents. It seems that it is they, not we, taking the load of studying a bit to seriously. Not a day goes by when i  don’t hear-

‘turn off the laptop karan! enough for one day(hadn’t even been a hour)’

It is like they have created a transient idiosyncrasy which will get erased from their memory the moment i step out the board’s arena.  It is real amusing how do parents’ start getting apprehensive regarding their child who is about to cross the threshold of adulthood. No kidding, they are supposed to be worried. After all their babies are going to step into a world full of challenges.  They just want to make sure that we don’t face any obstacle when we are running among the millions to achieve. It is hardly the best they can do.

Moreover while the pressure of boards is mounting everyday, the erratic changes in the boards’ constitution post 2011-2012 papers is a bit irrational. It would destroy the very foundation of running a coaching institution for competitive exams.

Haan Haan..i get it..i only blogged last time that the coming science stream students will face the blues of ‘rote learning’, but dude getting a bunch of alphabets as a evaluation of your yearly performance is just too sch-mucky.

dude..didn’t i say the right words for the HRD minister!..after all he is the the culpable prick. Even P.B Shelly wasn’t drunk enough to affect the readers’ discretion, in viewing poems as a source of inspiration and morale-boosting,   while he was writing his ‘ Odes ”. Too bad that he was stoned.

Moreover our board exams flag off with ‘english’. Now isn’t that a real bad way by the “date-sheet-setting connoisseurs” to read a 12thees’ perspective for giving exams.

Yes, we do prefer to get our head straight by unloading the PCM crap first. Then only we start understanding english word by word.

Too bad that this time it is going to be altogether different. Our English teachers, waiting outside the examination center, encouraging us to forget equations and laws for only a day and write understandable stuff in the paper. But how can we?

It has been bred into our bones from the very begging of puberty. I do believe doctors when they say that ‘adolescence is an impressionable stage. Either you get straight or you lose it’..(let’s say i didn’t make that up :))

well i wish myself best of luck for the upcoming uphill days..

so do my wishes to the rest of my comrades..



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One thought on “TERRIFIC!

  1. will u now stop crying about the boards crap and write something else already!
    i m fed up of this now.
    write something else DUDE.
    u r so much more than this.
    try something else.
    GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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