We all have that one small group of friends with whom we share our innermost secrets, fantasies and most importantly; our drinks. This small group is the only constant that defines the equation of your life irrespective of its changing variables and ups and downs. Now imagine that group constitutes your teacher, your friend, his father, his father’s friends and neighbours and everyone else who can play hide and seek. Extremely convenient? Well, TBBA was much more than that.
It’s like you went out looking for a group of friends and you found family? Well, that’s one version of it.
The X generation:
They are the pillars of this group. They are like tress whose roots dug so deep in the ground that` one can only look at the rugged outline and never guess the age. One of them is as kind as they come. He neither took pity nor entertained pride. Always the first one to reach his pocket, he is a man of his word. A loving father, as far as I know, he never once let his daughter win against him.
The other one is a living definition of agility. An on-off gardener cum teetotaller, his strokes are more or less ingenious at times (or so what he believes). He is like the only piece of stone in a pool of clay. Always quick at his feet and an action-oriented guy, he sometimes let his daughter win against him.
The Y generation:
No kidding! But this generation is the most volatile I believe. You don’t need a spark to ignite a fire here, a heated argument will do just fine. Among the two daughters of the X-gen, the elder one is like a bull trying to win a fight against himself. Always adamant on what she wants and a fierce dancer, she has a sweet spot for everybody. Constructively ambitious would be the proper title I believe. The younger one is a methodical think tank. She loves being a Grammar Nazi and portrays an eccentric yet cheerful demeanour. They are like the two perfect branches of two upright trees.
If you were to ask me who is the wild one, I would say a guy who actually lives Carpe Diem. He is like the prodigal son who never wants to return. A bit short tempered with a wiry frame, he keeps everyone on his feet. Dangerously narcissistic, he tends to lose conscience sometimes just to regain it to be his better self once again. Nevertheless, a soulful person.
Then we have the ones who have given everything for the game and the ecstasy that it provides. This guy loved the dogs in the vicinity more than the people. He gets obsessed so soon that one might think his OCD is overcompensating for the time he has in his hands. He loves everyone.
The X-Y Generation
Now this is for the one I believe are stuck in the limbo. This is fairly unique and utter satisfying. In this generation, you possess the virtues of the X-Gen and swag of the Y-Gen. This is perfect. This is 30. The one here is an opportunist who moulds and reshapes everything to his suiting. He is like the king of himself. Never the one to complain, the courtesy to kill with kindness is self-taught when it comes to him. He makes sure that you dot your I’s and cross your T’s. He needs no rules to be bound with. He keeps it going.

Tulsi Baag is a place full of good memories. And it will always be.
If you think you know people like that, well, count your blessings.

Kartik Dulloo

Growth Hacker | E&C Engineer | Spell-Bee Runner up | Part Grammar Nazi, Part Grammar Hippy | Failing Anglophile

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