Rest is just life !

It is indeed interesting to observe the development of a friendship from the perspective of third person. It may be the work of a job-seeking social psychologist to place a carefully compiled report on studying the conversations and meetings of a social group and writing a piece of reference for his journal,  but neither he nor any professional would realize what bounds the walls of friendship. It is not just companionship that a person seeks from the other person, but it is the ‘authority over one another’ that is exchanged in this deal. It is a silent promise which is revealed only at the time of want. The ‘Supreme Authority’ has given man a blessing to cherish this ‘self-indulgent poison’ which lays the foundation of other earthly emotions and connections. I write this because I feel that at this time-when the students are lost in a sea of indecision, the only safe land to put your feet on is ‘friendship’. I have lived long enough to realize what I write is what I truly think and believe. Through the years I have seen ‘friendship’ changing its’ course and time-bending at instances, pulling you away, ‘changing’ you for a brief moment. And then it snaps back, bringing you at a cataclysmic point of decision, where instinct guides the way. It has ways of influencing your worldly perception, your interests, your hobbies-almost everything around your world.

As I continue, I find it imperative to add that ‘mind’ and ‘heart’ are two words pole apart. As much as their polarizing effect is influential, their contrary nature puts you in a dilemma of what I call your ‘personal purgatory’. First i heard it in a horror thriller American soap called-‘Supernatural’. Literally it defines the state between life and death-

‘A place where a person has to look upon his earthly deeds and prepare for the afterlife.’

It reappeared in ‘The lost symbol’, manifesting a brief interlude of time where you experience death while actually remaining alive in a tank full of viscous water. When I say this, I believe that Sir Dan Brown had reason to mention that it actually is a real deal. American intelligence uses it as a interrogation method to numb the prisoners’ innards and then bring them back to life so they spit out the required information. I goggled it and was sure of its existence.

This PP is what holds a persons’ social environ. It alone has the power to take you from rag to riches, from a friend to enemy, from a benefactor to malignant nut job. Heart finds a simple way but mind puts the hurdles. It roughens the patch.

There is only a one difference between loving a person and hating him-Mind. It is the sole nominee for the ‘Best conflictory organ’ ( conflictory is no word ). It harnesses the energy from our body to convey the most apt reply to others’ question. Now whether the answer is going to please the recipient or not is what makes the heart go pumping. It churns food at irregular intervals, secreting acid in inappropriate amounts and letting our blood flow in a frenzy. That is when a goose bump tickles your body, or an uneasy convulsion rocks your position. It is strange how an ‘emotion’ flows down the spine. Isn’t it? 🙂

According to Rochak Bhatnagar, an sophomore in Ahmadabad doing B-tech says that-Love happens only once…rest is just life. The title has a eccentric appeal to it which made me read it and finish it in a matter of 4 hours. It was a good start by a novice writer but a dull approach afterwards. He manifests the power of love in an understandable yet personal matter. Through the years of my book- reading and watching CID equivalent-‘Bones’, I have learnt that most of the budding novelists try to write fiction incorporating their feelings and life events into characters’ role-play and laying a plot similar to their real life events. It is conceivable that you need a source of inspiration- a word- a line-an event anything kick starting the train of thoughts that follow. It serves as a necessary addendum to the authors’ preface column and epilogue. What they are doing is letting a crude thought shape beautifully in a line of thoughts and finally a paragraph. This is joint working of heart and mind where mind plays the role of identifying the necessary source and heart opens the numerous ways of directing the particular thought. This is why ‘writing’ is one of the best and most revered professions in the world. It creates a peace of mind where you pour your heart out-either in a bad or good way. It releases the anxiety one feels while writing (the way I feel now).

When I said that being a ‘third person’ helps you realize the essence of friendship, I, meant that you are emotionally unattached to the situation. Even if you are, you realize that it is your heart rather your mind relaying the information to your senses. You realize how to maintain the balance that is required in a friendship. And if everything goes well, this friendship may blossom into a more meaningful relationship. After all friendship is the elementary form of love. It is the builder of trust and solicitude towards one another.

It is hardly believable what most of us think-that love is affection of looks and lust. It is more disillusioning when we say that-it is the inner beauty that develops love. What and what alone is true is the fact that love generates from the feeling of mutual understanding and connection. When the wrong key is inserted in a lock, however we may try, it would never unlock it. But when the right key is inserted, it ‘clicks’ and opens the door. Same way it is the clinking of a click that clicks the relationship.

It may seem unfair to some. The thought of ‘soul mates’ is far and wide discouraged by several critics. I utter disregard for those people. There is a universal connection between two people. A yes from the ‘Supreme Authority’.

What else I can say. It is all upon you. After al,l you can’t think the way she/he thinks to get it right. Let the chips fall and find a way. You control your destiny only in your materialistic world. The world of ‘love’ and ‘friendship’ is a far different arena to live in.

I believe to believe that there is an order of things that need to be followed in this world. If anything is random, then it is just the ‘clinking’ of two people.

Rest is just life.

Kartik Dulloo

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