Part 5- Finish what you started!

Finish what you started!


It was an old couch and had long served our backs since we lay on it. It wasn’t unusual for me to wake up early morning next to a girl I had gone out twice. It was completely insane. But she called me over last night for dinner at her friend’s place. Turns out the friend had organised a couple’s slumber party. Everyone had to bring the ‘closest one’ or stay home. She had many choices. But I topped the list apparently and I was ecstatic.

She curled up close enough for me to gaze in her eyes. Her eyelids spanning a smooth curve with no intention of greeting the face she barely knew. Well, it was correct, wasn’t it? We talked yesterday night. There wasn’t one topic that made sense. Like I began:-

‘Hey Hi, you look dashing.’

She looked down and sat on the sofa. I sat opposite to her and looked around the house. OK! Her friend was a domiciled princess of sorts. There were more stuffed toys showcased than picture frames. That reminded me of the days when I had one. It was Bugs Bunny in a suit. I recycled it in my 9th grade cleanliness campaign. Its like the harsh irony of life. Time has the power to make you love life or hate it. You just need to choose once. Like me, I dumped my bunny. But Shalini kept hers. Maybe for colorful reminiscence, maybe for a fear of losing them. We need to get attached to a way of living. It’s the only way to realize the good and the bad.

‘You look good too. You came alone?’ she asked slyly.

‘Was I supposed to bring someone?’, I asked, shocked by her nonchalance.

She said dinner. Not a date. She laughed and told me about the theme. It took me a while to realize. We talked about her goals and ambitions, her Alma mater, the reason she switched to engineering and why her dad owned a medical store. It was quite wonderful. She never asked me anything and I was relieved. Her face lit up every time she remembered an incident. Her churis clanked against the table now and then. For a brief moment, it was her and me, like her talking spree had taken us to an alternate dimension where time was a constant. It was her presence that made it all possible.

‘…… are you even listening to me?’ she asked suddenly.

I came out of my reverie and said ‘I loved Hachiko too!’

‘You did? Oh my god! We are so alike.’

Yes, the likeness meter compares the ‘movies seen’ nowadays. It’s how relationships start off. Young and juvenile! We talked another ten minutes and she dozed off to sleep. I followed suit.

She opened her eyes with a long yawn. I was already up, reaching for my socks when I felt her hand on mine. I turned back and realized she was still asleep. I slowly removed my hand from underneath hers and was about to get out when I felt her grip on my arm. I fell on my back directly in front of her. She turned to my side and leaned over my face, her hair creating a cylindrical curtain with jasmine fragrance. I was still. She leaned ahead and kissed me lightly on the forehead. I was rigid still, the tension in my body gripping holds of my masculinity. She was quiet. I lifted my head up and faced her, the curtain still keeping in check the moments’ aura. She was grinning. I leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. I swear the blush was visible even inside the curtain. The next 30 seconds was a cheeky lip lock when my hands held her waist and………..

‘Morning you guys, get up……….oh!’, Shalini walked in. I jolted back, out from the curtain facing her. Kritika kept mum. She started tying her hair in a bun with a loose grimace on her face. It was hilarious. My innards were looking for a reason to burst out laughing. But, I gave the proper expression- ‘The expression of being caught in the act’.

Shalini walked in with her hands covering her mouth in a classic melodramatic pose and said:-

Haye! Ye ladke itne sharmate kyu hai?’ and both started laughing. I gave up and joined them. Shalaini went out and Kritika grabbed my arm again.

‘Finish what you started’ 

I like the moments I live and I live the moments I like!

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