Part 3:- One WhatsApp Message!

It was very dark. The sole phosphorescent bulb glowed dimly. The hue created an indefinite arc casting a shadow of the spider that crawled towards it. The whole notion of an insect being attracted towards heat was unsettling.

Dark evades the light.

But aren’t they cold-blooded? And at that very instant it started to retreat. I realized that my bed vibrated and I twitched a little. Staying up late staring at the ceiling isn’t the brightest things that I have done lately but ain’t the worst either. I came out of my reverie and turned in my bed searching for my phone.

It was quarter to three in the morning. The phone light glowed and showed one Whatsapp message.

I clicked on the Facebook icon which had prominently become the part of my home screen. It was almost impossible to check the menu before I scrolled at least a page of this life-sucking social app. Preity Zinta was too gassed up with her hubby itching her at the wrong places saying wrong words. She had enough money to fart it upon the authorities and make the headlines within hours.

I was about to sleep when that green Whatsapp icon glowed again. Ah! One more click now and I will dump it in the corner.

Turns out it was from an unknown number with active privacy.

It said:- ‘Hey!’

Now that is very clever. You never know which reply will be suited among the hundred versions available. My personal best is ‘Heya!’ The suffix ‘a’ just a random abbreviation to ‘you’! Clever eh?

‘Who is this?’, couldn’t get my fingers to auto-detect the above word.

‘Ah! You don’t know me?’

Yes, you dumb sucker. I know your phone number: – Pretty enough to tell me if your balls hang on the chest or down with a handle.

‘I met you twice and never once we talked more than a few words’

Yeah! Do that and let’s play scrabble if you are on ‘Words with friends’ and if free still then. . . .


Are you her? No can’t be. How did she get my number? What do I care?

So. . . .

There was a sudden convulsion in my body and I felt a tremor down my spine. I churned my eyes and steadied myself, propped straight up. I was awake now. The very thought of her gave me Goosebumps all of a sudden and I started to feel guilty of all the things I thought about her.

‘Heya Kritika! How are you?’

‘Good. You free tomorrow?’

I remember when my Engineering Drawing’s teacher asked me about projections and when my Dad questioned my late arrival at home. I always used to come up with a clever answer or some kind of excuse. But this, God bless me!

‘Yeah!’,never been freer in life.

‘Cool, meet me at the medical shop.’

‘Great!’, I was considering to add the words- it’s a date, but thought against it. This is a first.

‘Be there at 10’

I slept at 6 in the morning.

It was 8 o’clock and I was brushing my teeth like a maniac. Every germ in my mouth vibrated. I could swear I heard those making plans against my incisors. It was the first time the realization of a fully active-self dawned upon me. I pushed the brush across the molars to the inner side of jaw and brushed every silver lining. Damn them!

I wore casuals and had water for breakfast.

If I have ever learnt anything from bachelor life, it is but one single statement- ‘Thou shall do well, if you need it enough to skip your food!

I went down to meet her for the third time.

If serendipity is the most beautiful word in English, I will be its first and last admirer.

Kartik Dulloo

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