Part-1 When I first met her!

The moment I turned around, I stood transfixed. I had never seen her before. She was terribly cute. She looked down. She was searching for something. My eyeballs traced hers in silent synchronisation. Then suddenly she stopped searching and went for her phone in the side pocket. She started murmuring something. A white top with blue jeans! That’s was had my heart pumping the red liquid ten times faster. My conscience kicked in late and I realised that I was staring at her for more than a minute. Not that she realised it but my mind echoed- ‘Quit it’. Yeah! My mind! In accord with my decision to look away, it made an empty voice-

‘This is the first time you have been attracted to such austere simplicity!’

Now what was that? I brushed the thought away. The brain starts evaluating the pros and cons before the flick of the eyebrow. I try avoiding them all at once. It has a tendency to ultimately leave you in a pitiful state of indecision and self-mockery. I came back to reality only to realize my gaze in the same direction. But she wasn’t there. Where did she go? I turned around to search the one head which had left mine dazed for ten minutes. I walked on, bustling among people when someone dashed past me. I staggered back and was about to abuse when a voice said-

‘I am so sorry!’

I looked up and saw the same pair of eyes that I had seen before. They bore striking resemblance to the shore side pebbles, sparkling with radiant energy. Or did they? Was she wearing lenses?

‘Hello? Are you all right’, I jolted back to the present and replied-

‘Yeah! It’s OK’

‘I am really sorry. I have my submissions going on and I am late as always.’ She talked so animatedly that her expressions formed the perfect negatives of a filmstrip, with each one complimenting the beauty of the next. I gathered my attention and said-

‘No, really, it’s OK. Are you in IT?’

I could swear I saw a flicker of smile widening her lips. But she replied almost instantly-

‘Yes, I am in IT.’

I did have a premature ventricular contraction. What was going on with me? Was I overthinking it? Or was it the effect of her presence that made the butterflies play rugby in my stomach. I was baffled. I recovered quickly and said-

‘Cool! Carry on. Even I am running for it’

‘Ah! Really, were you?’

Now that caught me off-guard and I had no way to recover. I made a face and asked-

‘What do you mean?’

‘Nothing! See you around.’

And with those last three words still resonating in my head, I started my way back to the class.

Kartik Dulloo

Growth Hacker | E&C Engineer | Spell-Bee Runner up | Part Grammar Nazi, Part Grammar Hippy | Failing Anglophile

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