Well now that I am about to enter the sophomore year, I think the first year has belittled the sense of authority over me. It has left me in a place of unrecognized anguish, a vortex of unidentified qualms which seem to accentuate with Mumbai’s heat. When I started in this college, I never imagined that it would have a set of such preposterous rules which would ruin every bit of self-conscious existence. After all, are we meant to be exercised as pieces of a puzzle which isn’t meant to be solved at all? A puzzle named ‘engineering’ which has a definite goal but with a rule-book so unorganized and uncompromising that it literally cripples your ability to give ‘your’ hundred percent.

God, I don’t know how many bloggers post disregarding their own college life. As pathetic as it sounds, I can go on about it. But it will only make me less of a person.

Spare me!

Sad :/

Kartik Dulloo

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