Nuances in Disguise

Thick Black hair with few strands of white
Poised nose with a wayward stache
Lanky body but strong hands
Fragile heart but unwavering panache
Bourgeoisie clothing with a solemn smile
All this makes me feel right
In myself and the world that I fight
Leaving no space for wrong
But eyes have a sheen unknown
Hard to ascertain what they hold
My happiness or thy misery?
Reigning in the land of unspoken liberty
Lend me your ears
As I try to join together the pieces
Of a puzzle I am yet to close
Hair in a bun with visible golden streaks
Charming nose and creased lipsticked lips to tease
Graceful stance with spotted feet
Ripped jeans with colourful earrings so neat
I confess I admired her toe to head
Afraid a second more & it would turn into a stare
I looked away with great despair
My eyes trying to decipher what lay in those sores
Just when her hands reached to scratch
The itch that’s probably common rash
For a split second, I caught her glance
Her sheen reflected in mine
Happiness disguised in strangely eyes
I saw her look at my feet
She smiled in whispers
After looking at my socks mismatch
I knew I needed a break
Before I get caught in this spell-binding maze
Just when her hair fell in a daze
Drawing criss-cross maze-like affairs
Shielding her from my strangely gaze
She looked away
Leaving the pieces of a puzzle
Yet far from close
Nuances are a way of life
To grasp them is the goal of our lives
Some are bred in unison
Some are bred with ties
But the best?
The best are bred in disguise.

Kartik Dulloo

Growth Hacker | E&C Engineer | Spell-Bee Runner up | Part Grammar Nazi, Part Grammar Hippy | Failing Anglophile

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