It has been a rather nasty weather since the boards have elapsed. The sunshine is more glaring than ever and the day begins with a lazy nine-pm wakeup call from mother. Yes! I know that the ‘father of all entrances’ is three days away and I must start burning midnight oil to leave no loose end. But, what the hell! I am doing just fine. These days have rather been moody. With the advent of the new curriculum by the boards’ standard, I have really felt a blow to my head.

By god!

What? Are we now a bunch of lazy knuckleheads who don’t know the importance of the final year of our school life? By ‘we’, I of course mean the next 12th session. We would be slogging all year for a page containing a bunch of alphabets.

Sorry! ‘Slogging’ is the wrong word. Should I say ‘enjoying’. That sounds appropriate! We just have to get a grade A. our P.H.E teachers would be giving an all-time A to all those weepy girls coming with an innocent face and a sly smile here and then. Moreover, it is going to be a piece of cake taking our English teachers into confidence and getting a bright evaluation done beforehand. There is something different! They share some kind of a universal lineage which bounds them to this pact of student-teacher camaraderie. It indeed is a unique ability.

As far as I know about our Mathematics teachers, all I have got to say is-



Our mathematics department is one of its kinds. Not only do we have ‘efficient’ teachers but their teaching ‘techniques’ create a whole new entertainment season. It is like sitting in a class where you are restrained to speak but laugh a butt load. Sometimes, our cheeks hurt due to excessive muscle pulling.             J

Physics has lately been absent from our school. But still it manages to get by the tough times of our school hours. All of them are theoretical. But few grab interest due to their teaching style.

Last but definitely not the least we face our chemistry teachers. Believe it or not, I think some our (all of our) chemistry pedagogues are crackpots. J No matter what you say, chemistry remains undeniably my most hated subject of all times. Your opinion may differ but I stand by my point.


There  is one subject though which brings out the more bright and creative side of students in our school- Computer Science. Our computer teachers are competent enough to get us over mere theoretical side of computers and delve into its practical uses. Let’s say the senior wing department is one of its kind. We have teachers capable of multitasking without the strain of getting reported.:) In a nutshell, it is probably the up-lifter of our school prestige.

It has been a great time studying the past two years under the guidance and supervision of our school management. They will probably be retained in memory until I want to forget them 🙂 It has been a smooth ride from our prime till now. People say that the road ahead is inclined to a certain angle inversely proportional to what you have achieved so far. It has an all-time tendency to flat out if we want it to. Otherwise, time comes when it reaches its vertical limit of 90 degrees. The person only knows how hard it to get back on your feet then is. Thus, all you want to do now is be decisive than being stuck in the dilemma of indecision. But whatever you do, it will strike you and it will strike you hard. You will be baffled for some time. You will grow tired and lethargy will become a pastime. It is all already meant to be.

There are times when people say-‘there is more to a person that meets the eye’. I say nothing meets the eye; it’s our perception which makes a person look bad or good. A good person is one who behaves the way we want them to; else he/she is just dead conscience. The idealist in us accepts the fact that contentment is possible only through mutual agreement and admiration rather than being the source of contempt and despise. And the cynic… well what else can he do…? He just revolts the thought of being in terms with his alter ego. So he plants what I say-‘second thoughts’ and let the chips fall. All of this ends either in favor of the former who continues the live a good-to-go life or the latter who raises another of his kind. It all is meant to be.

Today was what I day of the unrivalled mother of all entrances, an eternal student bugger. My heart was like a garden full of oranges when I saw the chemistry part. Physics was tough, and then it moderated a bit. But mathematics tipped me off. The setter must have been a real pissed off sexagenarian. Who were we to say? The two hour break was a deal-breaker with my self-esteem.


More advice- don’t go to an ‘intelligent friends’ house during break, it will screw you more than that. J

The second paper was a relief as I caught up with mathematics which I had attempted the least in the last paper. It took time though. But physics proved to be a bitch yet again. Chemistry was a light bulb.

Wrapping all up, this paper proved to be insignificant. Nothing but an echoing mockery of last two years’ practice. Like the Americans say- ‘it is all bloody karma’. But it would be meaningless to repent over the gone past. The road ahead is still lit with lamps and the boulevard is still busy with the hustle- bustle of millions pacing forth for AIEEE.

I will keep blogging for the sake of this writing-bug inside me which maintains a potential barrier between studies and interest. It is a ‘Vivian’s past time’ after all.


Kartik Dulloo

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  1. i dont give a damn about the bumps in the road ahead!
    i just want to travel……
    lets just say that i’ll die the moment my enthu for life dies!!!!!
    stay hungry bud!
    keep it up.!!
    hello KRISHNENDU sir….!!!

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