Love Eh ?

It was a sultry 25th day of the month of June in Mumbai. Whatever the season maybe, Mumbai thrived with its charisma beckoning to the people outside. Among people bounding their way home that night, there was me. I reached home and rang the doorbell. I got in and started talking. I talked about many things. I talked about people. I talked about my college. I talked about them. I talked about love. My roommates were rather confused with the theory I presented in front of them. They said I didn’t know the definition of love. I said I knew better than them.

They said the definition of love is something personal to everyone. I said I agreed with them. They said then what are you arguing for?

I said I am not arguing. I am just stating a fact. A fact which holds ultimate truth! When one comes at that point in his life where he thinks that he has the sole right to take his decisions and owe up to everything-good or bad, that has befallen on him in the time henceforth, he has grown a pair. He has the right to swear. He has the right to love.

And as of now, I am that person. Love has a way of bouncing back in one way of the other. Either you try to succumb to it or ignore it; it will have its way. When you attempt to label anything that a girl and a boy share, it doesn’t take long for the society to tag them with infinite number of frivolous remarks. You get tired of the bullshit versions.

In India, crushes is more popular a word than a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Why is that so? Well, no one in his right mind would propose to a girl directly. It’s more of a crime rather than a bold outlook.

So we Indians, in our ‘right mind’, try to woo a semi-western Indian chick and try to live up to our present Great Indian-Teenage dream. But, the transient nature of such relationships dawn upon us when we get into it.


Love, in its purest form, exists in the air. When a guy talks to a girl, love sways in unannounced and gives them a chance. The guy may feel a bit conscious while he is talking. It is love. The girl blushes for no reason. Love dude. You feel fidgety, always on your tips. It is different from crush. It happens spontaneously. You wouldn’t recognize it, but it will take every inch of your thoughts. You will be amazed at what length you can stretch yourself to. You never felt so vulnerable. As if, only a word from her is all you want to hear. A message would send jitters through your body. It’s almost ethereal when it happens the first time.

It has its charm

It will always feel warm

Be it day or night

It will take away your mind.

Love, be loved, spread love.


Now ‘those’ who wanted to get a mouthful about the Definition of ‘love’ from me, here it is.

Love is something you never feel. It’s what a person tags himself with when he feels it is with the right person, at the right time and then the right emotions come into play.


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