A game of charades

Between you and I

Looking for green lawns

For pearly mansions

For a sumptuous dine

All unyielding thorns

Why the hue and cry?

When the answer echoed within so many times

Life@21 is nothing but charades!

Cloaked in fear

Too afraid to dare

A bottle of wine?

To savor the escape

Or the sedentary chime?

To drown in a sea of your own sorrows

Like the palette of a painter

Either a colour so distinct

Spread evenly and proud

Or a haemorrhaging mix

Like in a botched surgical shroud

Playing roulette with his life

Never too confident

Never too proud

Lost in the potpourri

And vehemently stout

Life@21 is nothing but charades!

What remains is a puddle of hope

In the creek of lost gains

Covered with ferns and moss

Serenading your life

Keeping you alive

No better than a frog

Not a tadpole

Trying to survive

Masking a bold face on land

Spawning under the lamp

Life@21 is nothing but charades!

If you are still YOU inside

Not what the world calls you outside

Try riding across unchartered lines

Try lighting a candle in bright sunshine

Try putting yourself in someone else’s rhyme

But all this at the expense

Of being 21 inside

Of forfeiting the silver dines

Of forfeiting your exuberant side

Try being a martyr sometime!

For at 21,

It’s easy to follow the worldly dime

A dollar here

No worth inside

Try at once

Try being a martyr sometime!

Too many charades in play

Too many relations at stake?

No need to sacrifice tonight

But remember

It’s an honor being a martyr sometime!

If, at 21

You still feel alone inside

Take a walk down the memory lane

And feel the spark burn bright

Draw your blades

Load the cannon tonight

Your prime is intact

Don’t let your future cry

If all is well

Make the sacrifice tonight!

Drop the charades and walk a different mile

If you feel up to it

Life@21 isn’t unkind!


Kartik Dulloo

Growth Hacker | E&C Engineer | Spell-Bee Runner up | Part Grammar Nazi, Part Grammar Hippy | Failing Anglophile

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