There would be a moment when you would be thinking something.

You will be thinking…thinking…thinking… And BAAAAAAM!

The next moment you realize that whatever you were thinking gets cleared up in the millionth of a second. It’s like you were brainwashed. You don’t care what you were thinking. Instead, you smile at the abnormality of the situation. Why were you thinking so much in the first place? What made you lost in so ardent contemplation?





And you are thinking…thinking…thinking… And BAAAAAM!

It strikes you. You realize you are such a dumb-ass. You have started thinking again. The absurdity of the situation makes you feel incompetent. You think you are unable to monitor your own thoughts. And with this overwhelming feeling, you put your slippers on and you go out for a stroll. You start observing trifling things- Things which don’t seem to grab attention of common eye. You start respecting them. This is how it works. This is how you grow up. This is when you need to realize that you have grown up and you have to adjust with it. This is when you have opened the first page of-


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