I was young

Free as a bird

I flailed my arms

I could feel the sky

The wind that blew

Across my face

A goose bump on my arm

Tickling down like rain


I am a student now

Sitting in my class

Bound to learn

A social norm I can’t defy

An hour passes by

I need to pee

Forgot to take permission

Oh! I hate democracy

What does it matter now?

Those days are gone

When I was King of the Bog


Teenager they call me

I Bunk a class or two

Can’t handle the pressure

As if we are in a zoo

I ain’t good in Maths

Bear with that Missy

I can draw your ass

As good as your pet ‘pussy’


College sounded fun

Until we realized

Monotony and Boredom

Two lectures worth a dime

Man! I am so done

And I lay back and think

What I ought to do?

Did the life’s vicious circle

Catch up with me so soon

Or is this the preview?

For what life may look ahead

For I ain’t no saint

I don’t preach everyday

But for the love of god!

I never take his name in vain


The days are like lead

Thick but easy to tread

What makes it easier?

It is a hand by your side

Which you can hold onto

For the days coming ahead


Whatever one may say

You grow up to be old

Not King of the Bog again.


Kartik Dulloo

Growth Hacker | E&C Engineer | Spell-Bee Runner up | Part Grammar Nazi, Part Grammar Hippy | Failing Anglophile

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