hola friends!

it has been a series of ups and downs and high and lows. the last two years, though called the golden years of one’s life have been more or less a photographic blur of memories and experiences.

i still remember the look on my dad’s face when he told me-

‘ you are taking science son, entering the desert of lost and renowned souls ‘

i guffawed with a look of total of total incomprehension but he played along.

‘ do you know what i mean ‘

i said-‘ yes dad! it is a level in ‘god of war’ game ‘.

he laughed i laughed and the topic was over.

it’s the most distinctive memory i have from the last two years. it sounds a bit intuitive now when i say that it would have been the words of many parents like mine, but i now i am right as mine were right.

but i was so right. god of war is fabulous. it is a game of rouge blood and gore. just love it. but it also identified with my dad’s comment. when i entered the science stream it was an unwavering decision full of optimism and energy. it still is but the zeal has lessened and the optimism has dwindled. again i say that it is just a ‘phase’. but won’t other students treading the same path as mine would feel the same way. i have a bad feeling -‘yes! they will’. anyway to absolve    science students from this nagging feeling which puts an burden on their already loaded shoulders?

YES there would be!

but neither i have the time nor inclination to get into this right now. i have entered it, i have passed it and i will pursue it. whether i will do something to make a difference is something i intend to think about when i have the balls to say it aloud to the HRD minister.

not now!

now is the time to make your foundations strong enough so that when we face him, and acclaim our agenda, he has nothing else than an acquiescing  nod in reply.

‘fuck it’ i say sometimes when i blame myself for not making the day fully productive. but the day is gone and the time is gone.quoting from the words of the father of nation- ‘just think of those who didn’t have the opportunity to even get to high school, let alone select a stream.’

you will feel a tinge of rejuvenation, a slight convulsion , and then a peaceful swirl of positive energy fueling you from inside.

i don’t write this because i have read it

i dont write this because i have faked it

i write it because i have felt it. the way he must have felt when he quoted the very words.

so just enliven up your dreams and paddle them to success.

like i will..

feel this month!

i am done writing now

will have to drink a glass of fresh lemonade to boost me up..

have a nice day!  🙂

Kartik Dulloo

Growth Hacker | E&C Engineer | Spell-Bee Runner up | Part Grammar Nazi, Part Grammar Hippy | Failing Anglophile

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3 thoughts on “JUST ANOTHER DAY!

  1. Surely its a good intention to approach the HRD minister but only a devoted and commited minister would entertain you which the present one is far from being so…… And surely you will make a difference but in what you are doing right now i..e in writing and literature which is your real domain … If you cant relate with science , better leave it ..! than being Farhan Qureshi ( remember ?)

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