Infallible Memories


Unbroken threads

Infinitely stranded

Embodied with events

Unbiased and reserved

Remain till called

Camped in our brain

Triggered by pain?

Or worldly gain?

It’s not your call

For they are never out for draw

I wish to control them

But memories have their way.


A fine Saturday afternoon

I lay dead on the bed

Exams on Monday

Sword hanging above my head

My eyes caught a light

Was it divinity who called?

For in my realm

Nothing gets better

Until it sees the dawn

After it’s dusky yawn

I opened my eyes

The light blinked again

A new notification on tab

Someone had a new Instagram

I scrolled down.

Anticipating the usual clowns

Then I saw her name


And the reaction began

The threads overlapped

Formed a memory rope

Gripping all the neurons

My senses became slow

She had a playful vibe

The one that rarely hides

With a blossomed smile

Complementing the mole

Which came half in every pose

Was it me? Or her?

Which made this memory so defined

Clear as day, I could feel her eyes

Boring down on me

When I held her by my side

Time changes the world

This time, I changed time

I wanted to control time

But memories didn’t let me

They had their way in time


The rope tightened

Stretching the memory too far

Her word against mine

Reaching the breaking point

I took a deep breath

Closed the open tab

Went back to being dead

Let my brain control them

I am too weak

To change the memory rhyme


Kartik Dulloo

Growth Hacker | E&C Engineer | Spell-Bee Runner up | Part Grammar Nazi, Part Grammar Hippy | Failing Anglophile

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