I am an opportunist. Or am I not?
I am an optimist. Or so do I think.
I am a good-doer. Or everyone is?
I am original. Ain’t everybody?
I am what I am required to be.
I am what the situation demands.
I am living definition of mankind.
I am a leprechaun when I need to be.
I am an altruist when it serves me right.
I am an egoist when stuck in a plight.
I am the harbinger of wealth when my cart is full.
I am a deadbeat when I feel succumbed
I am the voice of everyone who cries
I am dumb for those who don’t try
I am the pigeon who knows not to fly
For the burden of carriage is too much to feel right
In this world with its devious ploys
The ‘good’ gets rewarded
When ‘bad’ leaves it mark
When the outcry is self-incriminated
When the need is self-generated
That is when I turn aside
To my comrade with his worldly pride
Busy with his everyday tide
Living the utilitarian dream
For the value of a thing
Exceeds the moral perception at times
Makes you live the life
That you merely know about
That I merely write about
That will have its way
I live it
I blame it
I take a time-out
Then I write it out
It is tough to go back
To reality as it seems
For the utopia that encapsulates me now
Is it a time-capsule that will blow out?
The more I think about it
Less its influence becomes
So I close the window of thoughts
And crawl out to reality
With a mundane face I type out the words

Kartik Dulloo

Growth Hacker | E&C Engineer | Spell-Bee Runner up | Part Grammar Nazi, Part Grammar Hippy | Failing Anglophile

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