I was there all along
You looked right
I felt wrong
Why the secret?
I don’t know
It’s like a scar
Too ugly to show

You look at me
I look away
An empty gesture
What did it say?
Buried so deep
A desire to meet
Too good for me
Bad for my sleep

A silver lining
Or a golden one
Does colour matter?
To hide the reason
A warm feeling
A smile unknown
Will I be released?
Of this feeling of being owned
I am a friend right?
Or am being Friend-zoned!

So go the thoughts
Too much to be known
Will I ever act?
That’s the mystery zone
I be like I want
Let’s see if I crack.

(It’s all about being friendzoned)!

Kartik Dulloo

Growth Hacker | E&C Engineer | Spell-Bee Runner up | Part Grammar Nazi, Part Grammar Hippy | Failing Anglophile

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