How I met your mother @2

I was there, heading for the door

When I stumbled by the bedpost

With my little finger sore

The bell rang again

My heartbeat rose

What if she turns back?

I got to open the door

I steadied up shakily

Checked my collar twice

Straightened the folds

Got bathed in cologne

From head till toe

Ready to face her

For she was no other

My first crush was here

At the doorstep that she chose

I turned the knob

And the door opened to reveal

My laundry girl

Waiting like Gestapo Police

A bucket full of clothes

A strange odor within them rose

She handed me the bucket

With a haggard frown

‘Don’t use much cologne sir.

Ladies ain’t like it anymore’

A crooked smile and she left

I closed the door

And took a relief breath

I paced around the room

Till the odor faded

Then the bell rang again

I steadied my step

The toe started to pulse

Like it was pumping blood

I stood in front of mirror

Too clean to be myself

I had grim features

And a perfect French cut

The heart beat stopped

The moment I reached the knob

I turned it slowly

To find her standing lonely

A glimmer in her eye

With a full blown smile

She curtsied to hug me

A little peck on my cheek

I stood very still

Too dazzled to move my feet

I welcomed her in

Having a goose bump

When her body touched my skin

I closed the door

And muttered to myself

‘Today is the beginning

Tomorrow it could be the end’

She sat opposite to me

Separated by a table

I watched her like a kid

Too incredulous to believe something so surreal

Her eyes were beautiful in the view

With a hint of green lurking in those

Lenses of blue

Her lips sending the naughty vibe

Stretching across her face

Creating two craters on each side

A reddish hue that blazed

Don’t stare at them

Or you won’t get a swipe

Follow her gaze

To know what she might like

‘So, how was your class today?’

I was the one to break the ice

‘It was good till I busted,

With an excuse to get light’

I concealed a smile

Just to see her laugh wild

She reached for her bag

Lying on the table

I sat and watched

Too nervous to say a word

She took out a gift

Wrapped in lunch foil

I suppressed my smile

When she stretched her arm

Across the table

Offered me the sandwiches

Asking if I had something to drink

I nodded as I stood up

Too embarrassed to say

“My ration is scanty

I live in a hostel out of town”

Brought some cola from the back store

In time enough to not let doubt

She opened the cork

And I munched the sandwich

My turn to make talk

‘So would you like to go out?

To McD or something?

To try the new McEgg

With a brownie or anything’

She laughed and said

‘KFC is a better option

Hadn’t had a leg in my mouth

Since the fast began

And I was strict to the crown’

I swallowed hard

Hearing the bells chiming

In my head so loud

Saying-‘She is a Carnivore

More ravenous than she sounds’

I laughed within

This couldn’t be that bad

We ordered a hefty sum

And got it packed

Came back home

And let her unwrap

She winked as she tore

The leg that looked sore

My toe pulsated again

With an enthusiasm that went up

Straight to the point

Where it aimed its gun

She finished with the coke

I took the tray to sink

I came back and saw her

All reddened as she wiped

The last remains of the little guy

She looked so cute

With the tuft of hair that cascaded down

Across her forehead

Curling the ear instead

I sat next to her

And looked her in the eye

Which I couldn’t have

Hadn’t they begged for attention?

Like a deer attracted to his own scent

She looked away

I held her hand

And just then

The door bell rang

I cursed under my breath

Stood agitatedly

Stormed to the door

And opened it with a force

So rough that it almost croaked

My mom stood outside

With a smile that soared

She hugged me tight

While I gesticulated her to hide

But the time gave away

And my mom saw her first

Standing behind the table

She folded her hands in grace

Mom’s brows furrowed

Her eyeball ran the length of her shape

And then back up to her face

I stood still behind her

My gun getting back in barrel

My heart skipped a beat

When mom turned back

And smiled

The crooked smile I always liked

She tugged me with her

And closed the door

Sat on the chair

And asked us to get some coke

Her face was ebullient red

And I was soaking dead

She drank half a glass and said

‘So how did you two meet instead?’

My eyes popped out of their sockets

When she reached ahead and said

‘We met when we came here

We talked, we ate

We danced, we read

For the past years

We had spent’

My mom smiled

And I knew-

May be, she may be the one

And as it turned out

She is your mother you know












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