How I met your mother #3

How I met your mother #3

You look at her

You catch a glance

You fidget like panache

Just when she looks back

And you go numb

‘Don’t look

Look up

Look down

Look like a nerd

Don’t look at her

That’s rude

Look back

Oh, she is looking elsewhere’

And you sit back

Thinking what could go wrong

If you ask her

Favourite song

Or better ask her out

On a date-ish date

‘But that’s too direct

You are C

And she is A grade’

Something gnaws inside you

Like a hearth asking to light up again

Then the lecture ends

And rest your flow of thoughts

You sit after lunch

Thinking mundane things

Someone pats your back

You turn back


‘Oh! Hi’

‘Hello! I am ………’

‘Yeah, I know’

(What the fuck!)

‘Why were you staring me?’

Shivering like a leaf

Your face turns crimson

You look at her hair

Cascading till her shoulder

Covering a tiny mole

A strand flickers carelessly

Pointing towards you

With a corny hue

‘What’s your name? She asked aloud

A pimple on her chin

Imperceptible to common eyes

‘It’s your cue to speak’

Said the strand that rose

‘I am ……..’

‘So why were you staring at me, Mr…………?’

A sheepish grin on my face

‘I was not’

‘I saw you, you were’

‘I was not’

(Her eyes narrowed)

‘You were’

(My heart came to my mouth)

‘I was not’

(A little louder)

‘You were’

(Giving up)

‘Oh yes I was!’

She smiled

I skipped a beat

‘Then why did you stop’

Too engrossed in her smile

 I didn’t hear what she said

When I did, I smiled

‘Do you like Greenday?’

‘I like every day

You stare at me buoy’

And that’s how I got to know your mother!


Kartik Dulloo

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