Good has its bad

Life has a way of rewarding your good deeds and pinning you down for the bad ones. Once you start living it, you will say-

‘Ah! What the hell, it was meant to be.’

Life doesn’t start by taking the right decision. It begins with living with the decision, settling for it and making the most out it. Opportunities may be just at the corner of the road you are walking on. All you have to do is recognize them. Even if you don’t, they present themselves at your doorstep in conventional style. At the moment, one may draw comfort from these calm and composed Utopian sentences. One may even feel that everything in his world is going to be fine even if he has been through tough times in his life. And someplace else, to someone else, this thought would be completely revolting.

We don’t realize this, but alike every person has his demons, every proverb, great saying has its pros and cons. We only see the pros part for we want to believe it. We do believe it and we regard the saying. Then, there are those cynical bastards who question the saying and we disregard them. We do this for we want to be heard, for we want to be appreciated, for we don’t want to look bad. Every one of us wants recognition. For some it may be as simple as for his crush to say ‘yes’. Some may toil themselves to get a promotion. To top the list, some may go fucking crazy to make their point.

For the selfish/egoist-

There is ME first, then there are WE and if he hasn’t gobbled everything, then there may be YOU.

And like the most popular sitcom star Joey says- ‘There is no selfless deed in this world’. People tend to do almost anything to make them more acceptable in this world. Nothing is good or bad unless it’s in your interest.

For the selfless/Altruist-

There is ME if there is YOU, there is WE if there is THEM.

And this species my friend, gets vulnerable with age.

So, do what you have to do. It is you who is responsible for what befalls you. Blame is just a tool to make yourself accept your mistake in a more agreeable way. When more people support your side, the burden gets reduced. So don’t let yourself in that situation.

Heck, even if you are, then blame all you want.

After all, life ain’t gonna play soft-ball unless you play hard-ball!



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