It was anxiety filling up our head when we entered the doors of Evergreen Public School for probably the last time on 29th. I would have rather used the term-‘biding adieu’, but I don’t think that would be the best way to deliver it, after all the ‘real’ exams have just begun. We entered and we settled with an atmosphere of apprehension closing in like anger of an alcoholic. When the momentary tingling sensation passed, we rekindled our thoughts to give this paper our best shot. But I think it was the paper which disappointed us a bit. If the students commit mistakes in the paper it is acceptable but the same by board staff is reproachable. The last time it happened, 6 marks were given as grace marks without any correction made. Eventually, we all concluded our paper on a positive note and gutted out all the pent up feelings- abusing, laughing, hugging and every other sort of stuff. It was a feeling of celebration tinged with the apprehension of the coming entrances. Although it was cheerful, yet it was suppressed. A picture taken and we set off. Thinking to watch the action-3d ‘John Carter’, we had to satisfy ourselves with the not-so-trivial world of ‘Agent Vinod’.

Ah! That movie is one of its types. The beginning was the peculiar Indian fist-fighting combined with the ‘weak enemy and infallible actor’ genre of the Indian cinema. Despite the criticism, it progressed with a weak plot showing the villain skills of the leading Sony soap-‘Bade acche lagte hain’ protagonist ‘Ram Kapoor’.

Man! Wasn’t he scary as hell? Hadn’t he that wig on, he would have given up his gun in front of his grandma. The plot got duller and we grew more sluggish until the main song came. Kareena was a sham but her partner was a thumb up. In the end, when we thought the movie was over, a beautiful view glued us to the screen for the next one minute. It would be too much if I let out that part here. Catch that movie if you have nothing to do at home. The best I can conclude about the movie is-

‘It was more or less a cleavage show.’

After rebuking the go-getter of the show, we made our way to fill our stomachs. It was a long walk from sector 21 till sector 18, but it was worthwhile the burgers at McDonalds. Then we made our way back to home.

In a nutshell, we did nothing other than watching a third grade movie and traversing a distance of 5 km by rickshaw paying the rickshaw walas a total of 180 bucks. Yes! We did a sch-mucky thing for a sch-mucky movie.

It is strange, the way our high school ended. It looks like we are going through an insignificant period of time where everything is as transient as ice on your palm. There is this strange feeling of isolation which forces us to rethink our priorities towards the betterment of our future and structure our time-table for the coming days ahead. But on the other hand, there is this loose end feeling pulling us farther apart from the goal. It is like growing up without the parental restrictions. Our thoughts wander wantonly sometimes, crossing the boundaries of right and wrong, cherishing the most trivial of things. The tendency to reciprocate to a gesture of care shown by a person develops and blossoms into a new feeling of-love and hate, jealousy and enviousness. It is the initiation of our new being. It is the beginning of a better self, an alter ego whom we wish to take over from now on. Poignant self-esteem, unerring decisions, relentless efforts and an undying zeal to make a difference, that’s all I want to become of life ahead. I may fail, I may fall, but the enthusiasm will never crawl.

Fate has the tendency to turn tables in a flick of candlelight. Never will I undermine myself, nor will I let it fall on me. 🙂



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  1. seems like it started on a lighter mood and ended on somthing like “back with d VENGEANCE” mood!! nyways a nice one buddy….especially some particular phrases out der in d middle of it….ahh i knw u gt it….!!:)

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