Dont let it go.

Crossing fingers with him was like the only time she felt actually held. A palpable touch of affection and warmth. She digs her unpolished nails in his hands to establish the sense of authority she felt over him and lay waste to insecurity for the millionth time.e. She felt genuine concern and care in those fleeting seconds when they crossed the road together. 5 years down the marriage, thousands of roads crossed and she couldn’t get over that impulsive intertwining of fingers. And she crossed the road.
He knew he would never let go of her. He felt washed with acceptance when he felt her hands firmly gripping his. He never told her that it turns him on. He never will. He knew it wasn’t often. Not as often as it used to be. His hands cupped hers perfectly. He crossed the road.
They didn’t hold hands.
He took a step ahead before she could hold his hands. And she recoiled back in reflex. A pallor of uncertainty tainted her face and she stood her stanz. She didn’t move.
He looked back and stood perplexed. He tried to catch her glance and met her glare. He felt lost for a moment until realization hit him.
Their eyes met.
He crossed back over, took her hands in his and said :-
‘Dig them deep’

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