People are saying that lemonade has its own season. Well i don’t think that. Lemonade is just another excuse for me to get up from the back-straining schedule  that all teens like me are following right now. By the way, how did you read the word-‘schedule’? Did you read it like -‘ska-dyoo-ool’ or ‘sha-dyoo-ool’? That’s a bugger. The universal tongue has it’s own flaws. No doubt! –

‘Everything in this universe meets a flaw in its constitution after a requisite time period’

But not knowledge. It is perennial flow of ‘who knows’ everything. But when it comes to making the most of it, we find loose ends. But we are never able to tie them up. That’s what keeps us looking.

That’s how life goes on..hehe

It’s simple, we are the seeker in this game and knowledge is the master. But it doesn’t concur with the fact when it comes to reading for the boards. We are slogging our ass off to rote learn all the chemical equations and physical laws, all for the mere purpose of getting a good percentage in boards. That’s not rationale. But what is rationale is the fact that when we see our parent’s pursuing us relentlessly to study for boards, we feel that ‘reason’ is least to be cared about. I personally feel that the only reason i study for boards, siphoning off the ‘reason’ duct, is the parental support that i have been subjected to. It is just a phase, i keep reminding myself, a phase which will add to my memory for lifetime. So i don’t think getting up from a 3-hour monotonous study schedule learning the properties of the periodic table with the excuse of a lemonade drink is rational. AND guess what??

I am out in a cafe blogging stuff which my dad says is a sheer wastage of time and money..

I am a not-so-proud guy who is just doing stuff he wants..


My lemonade wala is saying he has to go home..hehe

I must go now..

But lemonade is my addiction

I will go out again with some irrational excuse to drink lemonade.::()


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4 thoughts on “DOES IT SUCK?

  1. Mearlin’s Beard Harry – spot on – you just brought out the weakness of our education system .. Its so exam-centric… There is no scope for free thinking, research …. And tell your dad its a good way of sharing your literary skills with the world and not a time waste !! Keep writing!!

  2. knowledge has its flaws like everything else.
    its just not your dad.
    this feeling is unanimous among parents.

    i dont believe in knowledge though, cause it cant create anything.

    research is what i believe in,
    otherwise we are just paving our way into caves filled with cash!

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