‘It is wonderful to see all the people dancing around the valley of death in  synchronized moves and welcoming their doom a if they are enjoying a birthday party.’

said the demon while he was enjoying feasting on the flesh of one of his victims.

Castiello, his faithful servant, bowed before his master and asked him-

‘What did they do master? Were their deeds so grave and sinful that even you, the lord of underworld,are ridiculing them.’

The demon got to his foot and his throne glowed furiously with the heat of his fart.Castiello knew he had put his finger on the wrong nerve and his end had come.Demon approached him with a sinister evil lurking in his eyes(like his record was clean) and said-

‘Who the fudge are you.’We’ don’t have feelings. Sympathy is the last thing in this world that we would ask for.’

Castiello was  dead sure that if he revealed his true identity then he would become devil’s bitch.So he played along and asked if he could go to pee.Demon knew that the urge to pee was something he couldn’t deny himself while he was at work.Castiello knew he had to save those people whom the demon was talking about.So he got back and saw the demon seated peacefully at his seat.He knew he had to try somehow.The job he had been given wasn’t easy.He had to blend in.So he asked


Demon replied with a smug smile,’There you are my boy!, they are a bunch of high-school teenagers who have just given third of their last school papers.I was just passing by when i saw their dull and pathetic condition they were in.Life drained out of their faces and their tense parents encouraging them.’

Castiello knew the demon was possessed because he was talking like he was one of them.He sensed something was wrong.So he spewed some holy water from his mouth right on demons’ face.

But what the fudge. He didn’t blink his eyes.Rather he was wiping his face with a white cloth which had appeared in his hands out of thin air.And then their was a blinding light coming straight through the heart of the demon.Castiello,angel of god, had not blinked his eyes twice when he saw a white glowing figure standing in front of him. He fell on his knees and bowed before his true ‘master’.

God wasn’t pleased with his approach, he said-

‘Castiello, you were given a job to identify yourself as a true follower of god, who would pursue his way of truthfulness and be kind to people.But the moment you saw danger come your way, you became manipulative and started thinking about you.’

Castiello was doomed and reduced to the post of human.

Huh! isn’t it true. We all are just aiming. Aiming at whatever we think can make us content.


It almost is a cliche now. We become manipulative to our greatest limit to get what we want. It is hard, hard to contemplate on the thoughts that once were the perpetrator of life.We have fallen from the post of human rather being uplifted to the post of an angel.

LOL, as ridiculous as it sounds, but i think we all are ‘harbingers of god’, who appear to people in a way that makes them realize that their is a supreme power.Something beyond our control and comprehension.



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  1. its as true as shitty it is!!!!!!!!!
    just move on now…………
    write smthin else,
    your writin makes me sad!
    please dont shit aroud BOARDS anymore!

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