Wonderful is this day when we walk free of all the evil forebodings we had of this subject, which, in its’ greatest form is the perpetrator of all science we study today.

Too complicated eh..?

We fucked this subject today and left it altogether with no fear at all.Not to mention that it fucked us equal good.

It is like the fact is hardwired in ‘their’ mind-

‘Never let a student say he will score a perfect 10’. It has to be 9 at most.Not 10.Getting 10 is like having a hockey bat shoved right in their ass.They can’t bear the pain.But we can, after all we are students of infinite strength.And so they create a paper, a paper full of tricksters and length.We attempt it and lament.Some rejoice,some regret,some cry,some laugh..

Why the fuck does this matter now?

The paper has met its end after all.. 🙂

Moreover, i pity the table and chairs of that school.Mother of god! Not a table that doesn’t creak and not a chair made up of teak.It’s like they are running out of capital to pay the carpenters.:)

Located at a suitable place, it has a hell lot of classes in every nook and corner.I am unaware of the exact number, but when your exam room no. is 204, it gets you thinking.I gave my exam in a class which was hidden behind a toilet.It is hardly recognizable when a new student enters it.But one has to admit-

The cleanliness of the classrooms is appreciative.They are in the right direction-facing east, and individual seats are comfortable if not a luxury.There is nothing much to say about the school staff though…I think the teachers are ‘pretty’ and can speak English ‘prettily’ satisfactory (not all schools have that ability).

It was a frenzy when we stood outside the school gates minutes before the exam commenced.Our teachers blessing us with all they could and marking our head with the sacred ’tilak’.It was amusing to see so many anxious faces waiting as if they are convicts ready to be announced a death sentence in the courtroom of CBSE.Their parents getting  worried acknowledging their children surmounting this amount of pressure alone.It really is the work of a psychologist to study the facial expressions and give his experienced advice. But i am pretty sure..

‘They were all sick worried!’

Now during the last 15 minutes, when everyone was busy scratching their head, trying to get all of it out, my table shook.I thought it was a nudge from the student sitting on my back.But when i realized that a ‘nudge’ doesn’t last for 6 seconds straight, it got me thinking -‘could it be…’

And then the invigilator confirmed..

‘earthquake aa rha hai’.. 🙂

Well, ridiculing the mother nature, i think that humans have euphemistically termed ‘Earth Jack-Off’ quite well. But isn’t it natural? We all being humans have a ‘need’.

Personifying ‘mother nature’, I  think that the earth has its ‘own ‘needs’.

‘Bhiaya! earth hil-dul to sakti hai na’  🙂

The weather is in a transitional state and we all are under a phase..

No matter we have our boxers on..

Our socks are always pulled to the top..

It is an ambivalent time..

But we have the guts to be lime..

To tell the world that we are there..

We, not an insignificant glare..

In this world of shining wares..

Just as worthy as a crown on a king..

We are what we are within !  🙂

Kartik Dulloo

Growth Hacker | E&C Engineer | Spell-Bee Runner up | Part Grammar Nazi, Part Grammar Hippy | Failing Anglophile

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  1. Ha Ha – Seems like even the nature disapproved of the physics paper …. But its great , not many actually get to feel that – last 15 minutes of a head-scratching Board Physics exam and suddenly an Earthquake ! And why on Earth do you want an escape from
    physics ? It will find its place in Engineering as well … ! But One Thing – fabulous piece of literary expression by you – very precise and funny …