(More of a fluent thought than a poem)

There was a time when I was small

Small enough that I could not fall

My legs were size of a toothbrush

I ate what my mother called dust

Crawling across the lobby

I had a single hobby

To poop at a place

Where it was cool and I could evade

In some years I grew

I played with toys

And made new ploys

Like an eight year old I was

I loved to sleep and watch Tom and Jerry

After all it kicked the rat in my tummy

The years that came by were far too stretched

It looked like someone had just put an end to rest

Middle-school was a drag till it ended

With all that knowledge which nowhere blended

Then came the mighty ‘boards’

And we scaled our freedom until we snored

10th standard was an initiation of an alter ego

This proclaimed that

Whosoever is the worthy shall lead bear the torch?

I wasn’t King Arthur who had a ‘thing’

To draw the sword from the stone so big

I marched along and got off well

Entered standard 11th and bore the jewel

Same that many had worn before

Slogged like a farmer and then got back home

Those two years were a tale too different

This defined the moments so precious

A trolley of friends to flock at all times

Studying like it was a taboo of student life

Messaging with every line read

Updating your status the moment the paragraph sounded dead

‘Chilly potato’ was the new staple diet

A plate of ‘Momos’ is what made us fight

Rice was barely edible

Dominos was the new speed dial

With all that building up inside

Our emotions took over at dreary times

Love-hatred-jealousy-enviousness is all that were

In the land of emotions which groped us so well

At times when heart took over mind in a fight

Our interest swayed and found the heart

Crushes which made us wink

Teasing others with the glint of a thing

Feeling rats jump up and down in your tract

When you see him/her talking with other her/him

A hailstorm in your head while you brainstorm a question

Anger seething in your veins when it is hard to surrender

With all that has gone and still to come

I wonder will all the past will curl up in a ball

And bounce in the recesses of our mind

Whenever we think of this time

And reflect on everything

It is a smile that broadens with every moment

And we say

‘Those were the best days of my life’

Still we walk ahead and reminisce those days

Some friends forgotten some stayed in way

Lighting up the incense that it is never too late

To get on what you left in the high-school days

For what it is worth

It is still a wondrous day…



Kartik Dulloo

Growth Hacker | E&C Engineer | Spell-Bee Runner up | Part Grammar Nazi, Part Grammar Hippy | Failing Anglophile

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