A Girlfriend or a Girl-Friend?

A Girlfriend or a Girl-Friend?

I am not saying that you need a girlfriend. But do you need a Girl-Friend? Well, even the most insignificant assholes have one. If you ask a guy the one thing he can never do, ‘A Girlfriend’ (gf) will find a place much later than ‘A Girl-Friend’ (gF). It’s the mutual code of respect we guys follow at all times. And when it comes down to college life, we have several translations from getting Friend-zoned to flagging the pole. All the bullshit labels aside, I assure you, there exists a singular definition when someone asks you- ‘Is she your gf?’ and you say ‘No, she is my gF’.

It means that you understand the dynamics of a relationship too well to subject it to numerous frivolous labels and remarks. In India, the feeling of ‘love’ and ‘hatred’ run so deep into everyone’s veins that they forget there exists a common ground. All come with a fair advantage of one over the other. No one bears both of them equally. If one is graced with excess, he pushes himself to extremes only to realize he is moving in a circle. This is what we need to strive for; to realize the potential of balance in this world and its infinite solutions, to find that straight path. Though it’s never achieved under practical circumstances, the quest has led to greater understanding between nations and universe.

We need to look for the balance. What if we are frail in the beginning, mankind will never feel the dearth of knowledge. No wonder if we go astray in it, we should always make a try for it. If hate beckons hate and vice-versa, it is for a reason. You can’t show love when it’s the question of hate and otherwise.

Your gf will dance when the occasion is right. Your gF will dance whenever the fuck she wants and make you dance with her wherever the fuck she wants.

Your gf will demand standards at some level. But your gF will lick those standards from a chocolate rum cake and gallop the whole thing before you even notice. If she wants to eat, eat she shall!

You have to keep your gf in the loop anyhow. gF will already know everything and will probably make it hell for you. You will always walk the extra mile for her. Otherwise, it will be coercion.

You can talk about all the fucks there are in the world with your gf and she still won’t give a fuck to them. Unless Off Course, it’s material. Your fucks will be heard and settled with your gF.

I can go on listing a thousand trivial things, my intention remains the same. You can’t have a gf unless you have a gF. And believe me, it’s the perfect match when both are the same.


g gets cancelled!


Thus, we come to the conclusion that;-

You have achieved the in-determinant. This relationship is undefined, unparalleled and will always keep you at your wits end. You will relish it.

All you have to do is work for 50-50 and let the chips fall! 😛


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