Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Pad

My arms lay stretched

Sprawled like Vitruvian

Light caressed my empty eye

I cocooned up

The bed creaked like

Someone’s constipated fart

Another quarter of hour

I took a break.

Yellow light all around

Brush in one hand

Other holding the bowel,

The noon declares itself

When we are still on rounds

Sentimentality of a morning

Flushed away like a paper train

Yet again, I take a break.

Eggs and Maggi lay the way

To soothe the stomach’s growl

We lay on the bed again

Reminiscing the gone days

A plethora of sitcoms

Each fuelling an emotion

Keeping the mind tolled

Till hunger strikes it again

Out of nothingness

After lunch, I need a break

As twilight approaches

We wither down

Either an empty stroll

Or a ride across town

Fuming the pent up emotions

Into dust and smoke clouds

Challenging the world at once

We are invincible

Playing with stereotypes

We mould it to new heights

Yes, we do cry!

But only at the irony of our own lives.

We remain prideful till we decide otherwise. I am telling you, it’s a gift to live this period of your life to the fullest. Being someone you are now is much important than someone you will be in the near future. God knows how many forces will try to pull you otherwise, but it remains a fact; nothing in this world is made of order. It’s a chaos which only you can sort out for yourself. And that’s the order you follow.

If we are the new age propagandists, then there is only one in my mind:-

‘Never be a maybe’   

Kartik Dulloo

Growth Hacker | E&C Engineer | Spell-Bee Runner up | Part Grammar Nazi, Part Grammar Hippy | Failing Anglophile

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