1. HELLO~!

With due respect and reverence to all the students currently rubbing their noses in N.C.E.R.T’s, it has been a wonderful day. Wonderful for the reason that it was not only a day full of mundane things like all other days but it was a day when ‘The end of days’ have begun. End of the ending days. It is real sad when you don’t know what you have to do to end these ‘end of days’. It has been everything we know of yet. Every tit-bit of  wisdom that we have gained and shared, step towards maturity we have taken, words that we have learnt, friends we have made, all in the boundaries of our school.

It is nostalgic but the nostalgia of getting nostalgic is more nostalgic. It is indeed a longing of the long gone, but the long gone is longing to be left out for the next month. It has decided to be in the limbo until we come out of our limbo. It has been the most co-operative of all and the most annoying as well. Some people have been able to isolate themselves, some have not, and some are still under the impression that it is not Twelfth.

I am passing through what i call ‘PRE-BOARD PARANOIA’. It is just a hypothetical term meaning to be ‘perfectly paranoid’ before being ‘perfectly perfect’. It has to do everything with what you think, do and don’t. It has been the most cranky and jabberwocky stuff i have ever wrote but it has developed a taste for writing blogs.

And i am afraid that the respective taste bud is getting sour day by day. So i will bring a change which will be mostly changing the changes that have changed our changing lifestyle from the past few years.


Ah! that is real old crap. No one gives a damn about who is responsible for the change or how did it happen. ‘Just changed’!

I change my underwear everyday but that hardly brings any change. I won’t be surprised if nothing happens if i don’t change a day. But change still happens. Like shit does…hehe  🙂

I will write every damn day.



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